Green Leeds Technologies Ltd. is one of the UK's leading suppliers of wastewater treatment, resource recovery and water recycling systems. We design systems which:

    Guarantee discharge consent criteria.

    Minimise or avoid effluent production by using a water recycling system.

    Reclaim valuable material - gold recovery, palladium recovery and silver recovery by in place process recycling.

    Regenerate and purify chemicals back into the manufacturing operation.

    Recover and improve the quality of process rinsing by the use of a water recycling system.

Green Leeds UK - Wastewater Treatment & Water Recycling System

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Wastewater Treatment Technology and Applications

We offer our experience in effluent and recycling technology. We will develop and/or optimise the Wastewater Treatment processes for you.

Wastewater Treatment Plant - Designed to meet each customers specific goals our wastewater treatment plants achieve: Compliance with discharge limits, sludge reduction / waste minimisation, chemical recovery, metals recovery, water recycling, paint removal, emulsion splitting, precipitation & separation, reduced capital costs, reduced operating costs.

Water Recycling System - Ion exchange system: Eliminates / reduce waste disposal, reduce discharge to sewer and associated costs for water / sewer use and wastewater treatment, prolong process bath service life due to reduced drag in contaminants, improve plating quality reducing reject rate. Applications - rinsing technology, wafer dicing water recovery system etc.

Plate Out Cell Electrolytic Metal Recovery -  Ideally suited to recover metals from selected sources, such as the following: Silver recovery, electroless copper concentrates, cadmium cyanide, gold recovery, ion exchange acid regenerant, persulfate microetch, peroxide microetch, electrolytic acid copper sulphate, copper pyrophosphate, selected acid cleaners, copper and tin/lead bearing dragout dumps, point source copper and tin/lead recovery.


Chromic Acid Recycling - For Chromic Acid Anodisers: The drive for this technology was the major environmental issue facing industry to replace or limit the use of Chromic Acid. Replacement of the process with a more environmentally friendly method, using less harmful chemicals is not an easy issue, particularly for the Aerospace Industry. Green Leeds have solved this problem by developing Chromic Acid Recycling technology.

Vacuum Evaporation System - Vacuum evaporation has some tremendous advantages compared to other evaporation technologies: A high purity distillate is produced, low energy consumption, large reduction in waste volume, no  build-up of scale by means of evaporation at low temperatures, very compact system on a small foot print. Our vacuum evaporation systems can deal with all aqueous solutions coming from different sources such as cooling agents, plating rinses, oil/water wastes, developer and fixers.

Membrane Systems - Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems and Microfiltration Membrane Systems Membrane Technology for various applications such as: Oil water segregation of oil emulsions and cooling lubricants, oil water separator, recycling of degreasing bath/cleaners, wastewater from repair and maintenance shops, grinding waste water, recycling of rinse water, process water purification, recycling of e-coat bath, oil removal / oil recovery.

Reverse Osmosis System - Typical applications for our reverse osmosis system: Sea Water - Production of drinking water, Ground Water - Production of drinking water or process water, Tap Water - Production of demineralised water (DI water) & rinse water, Rinse Water - Recycling of rinse water & recovery of chemicals, Waste Water - Recycling of water for in-house use.

UV Oxidation System - Advanced Oxidation Process. Our UV oxidation technology breaks the contaminants primary structure. Applications include: COD reduction, EDTA destruction, VOC elimination, waste gas purification, cyanide treatment, nickel bath conditioning, electroless nickel plating, zinc nickel plating, oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons, NOx destruction, electroless copper, separated cell oxidation.

UV Disinfection System - Significantly more efficient and more effective than other UV technology available. Applications include: UV tank disinfection / Tank cleaning, UV disinfection of treated domestic sewage, industrial process disinfection.

EMEW Electrowinning Cell - Precious Metal Recovery: Unlike conventional electrowinning with EMEW® Electrowinning, the electrolyte is circulated rapidly past the anode and cathode at a higher flow rate, allowing for improvements in efficiency and the precious metal recovery / metal recovery. EMEW is used for precious metal recovery such as gold recovery, silver recovery, palladium recovery, rhodium recovery etc. It is also used for other metal recovery such as copper recovery etc.

VOC Elimination in Waste Gas - Waste Gas Purification: A wide variety of organics are accessible to UV oxidation / advanced oxidation processes like hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and esters used as industrial cleaners. As nearly all chlorinated hydrocarbons are not biodegradable, UV oxidation is the most effective way to destroy such components.

Water Recycling System - Ion Exchange System